About Me

Hi, I’m Celeste. I’ve been using Unreal Engine since early 2015. In Late 2015 I started contracting work for various clients with my own company Panda Studios, which merged with Cedric Neukirchen in early 2018 and is now knows as Salty Panda Studios.

You can find my Github at: https://github.com/CelPlays

I personally focus on gameplay programming, editor extensions and UI work within Unreal Engine. Some notable things I’ve done in code:

  • 10.000 Pedestrians during runtime at 60fps -> Twitter link
  • Collision-free driving cars on junctions -> Twitter link
  • Procedural Island generation -> Twitter link
  • Thumbnail Generator for meshes and materials In UE4 -> Unreal Forums
  • 9 Unreal Engine Marketplace assets -> Links

Some games I’ve worked on while being a contractor:

Platforms I’ve worked on:

  • Windows
  • Oculus
  • Vive
  • XBOX
  • Linux
  • Android

Some other unrelated to programming things I’ve done:

  • Former Unreal Slackers Moderator
  • Unreal Engine Stream Team
  • Unreal Engine Community Stream Tutorials