• Why you should think twice before using Firebase Firestore

    To summarize, we’ve gone through a lot of headache and unexpected costs by deciding to use Firestore for our project. In hindsight we should have done more research on the limitations and costs of Firestore before we went ahead and used it to launch our app with.

  • Unreal Engine, and the hidden pitfalls of Blueprints

    Hello! Blueprints are useful, quick, and easy to use once you get used to them. Event graphs are incredibly helpful to creating certain gameplay, cross-function references are particularly useful in certain scenarios. However useful and quick Blueprints are, there are quite a few hidden pitfalls that can unintentionally cause avoidable massive performance drops. Some pitfalls […]

  • Execute Function Behavior Tree Task

    Tldr: I created a behavior tree task that lets you execute a function of your choosing on the target blackboard key object. Code snippets at the bottom, relevant files here on GitHub. Hey everyone! Yesterday I was working on some AI in Unreal Engine and I found myself often having to make a task just […]

  • Classifier – Quickly look up header/module info on classes

    EDIT: I turned the server offline that was running this. Tldr: Go here to find module/header info: http://classifier.celdevs.com Because I was tired of scrolling to the bottom of the API pages of Unreal Engine to copy the module or header path I created a tool that does it for me. All you need to do […]

  • Procedural Island Generation UE4

    Hi! Today I’m going into details of the procedural island generation I posted on my Twitter 🙂 To start off, a few great resources I’ve personally read that will help your understanding of terms and tools we’re using. Awesome Blog post on Perlin Noise.Complete resource on Hexagonal Grids.Resource on Biome/Elevation. I strongly suggest reading the […]